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This travel program - 44 sprins is informative, sport-adventure, and entertainment. Chilu Chor Chashma (Tajik: Forty-four sprins) - known in Tajikistan and neihborin regions of Uzbekistan place of pilgrimae for Muslims, where from the foot of a small hill, in a desert arid area, five relatively lare water sources flow from the ground, disintegrating into 39 smaller ones. The water from the springs forms a river, which people are transformed into a channel with a width of 12 - 13 m in the upper part of the river directly at the source survives and reproduces a large number of fish (Marinka Schizothorax) of the family of Cyprinids (Cyprinidae), which are considered sacred. They are strictly forbidden to catch and eat. According to local legends, people who violated the ban died. Could-loving marinas do not go down the river, preferring to stay at cool source. The place where the springs come out at the foot of the hill is surrounded by trees (in partucular, willows and mulberry trees), forming a small but wonderful oasis. Pipe mulberry berries falling into the water like to eat fish.

This travel program - 40 dokhtaran - is informative, sports-adventure, and entertainment. <br /> Cognitive tour is that the selected abject is really untouched by man, waterfall, green hills, air and much more covered by natural, wildlife. On the way to the object and back tourists have the opportunity to visit two historical heritage of the Tajik people, of world importance - the Museun and the place of residence Vose and Mir Ali Hamadoni Museum <br /> Childukhtaron means 40 girls. The picturesque place Childukhtaron is located in the South of Tajikistan. Take a break from the daily bustle and plunge into the tale of the brave forty beauties who saved their village. Try the tasle of pure natural honey, juicy delicious Apple, famous Muminabad kurotora and enjoy the beauty of nature. <br/>

Ski complex "Safed-Dara" has a 40-year history. Ski base called "Safedorak" began operating in 1976. Safedorak is a Modern Mountain ski resort named "Safed-Dara"located 70 km North of the capital of Tajikistan-Dushanbe at an altitude of 2450 meters above sea level in the Varzob region, among the mountain gorge in the beautiful landscape of the country. Safed-Dara was reconstructed; from 2015-16 it operates with new internationally recognized standards and technically equipped services. Services that are provided with more than 20 types: skis, skating rink, cableway and rope, snowmobile, zip line, ATV, paintball, etc.

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