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40 Girls

This travel program - 40 dokhtaran - is informative, sports-adventure, and entertainment. <br /> Cognitive tour is that the selected abject is really untouched by man, waterfall, green hills, air and much more covered by natural, wildlife. On the way to the object and back tourists have the opportunity to visit two historical heritage of the Tajik people, of world importance - the Museun and the place of residence Vose and Mir Ali Hamadoni Museum <br /> Childukhtaron means 40 girls. The picturesque place Childukhtaron is located in the South of Tajikistan. Take a break from the daily bustle and plunge into the tale of the brave forty beauties who saved their village. Try the tasle of pure natural honey, juicy delicious Apple, famous Muminabad kurotora and enjoy the beauty of nature. <br/>
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