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This tourist program is informative, sports and advente, health and entertainment. The cognitive nature of the tour lies in the uniqueness of the object - the Tajik sea, the Kayrakkum reservoir with a huge water capacity, reflecting the blue sea. During the hour, tourists have the opportunity to see not only the sights of the object, but also the nearest cultural, historical and mythical heritage of the Tajik people, including the Khujand fortress, the strugle of Spitamen with Alexander the great, the Museum of Temurmalik and much more. And also, rich national cuisine, including features of cooking pilaf can color travel. The program provides for swimming and riding on diffirent water transport. Motels near the object have enormous potential and range of Wellness services from European and national color. Evary evening on the territory of th sea are a variety of cultural and entertainment programs that attract thousands of people dancing, singin, etc.
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